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About Heitmann Consulting and Services

Heitmann Consulting and Services provides

  • consulting,

  • development,

  • training and

  • media related services

on information exchange and system integration based on healthcare standards.

The company's projects cover analysis, specification and implementation support and were provided so far mainly in the Netherlands and Germany, but also in Austria, Switzerland, Lithuania, Norway, Australia.

Heitmann Consulting and Services works throughout Europe responsible in various integration projects, both in the preparation of specifications (especially for CDA) as well as in the implementation and testing of implementations to the production environment. A more comprehensive list of significant project can be found here, essential projects cover

  • ART-DECOR® tool for consistent and comprehensive documentation and support for specification, implementation and testing of e.g. CDA-based specifications

  • Specification / Implementation of of HL7 CDA templates and terminologies for specific use cases, e.g. National and International Patient Summaries, Colonoscopy and Pathology Reports for the Dutch National population screenings programme for bowel cancer, Pulmonological Report, Chronical Disease Management Systems, Perinatology, Discharge Letters (physicians, nurses), Laboratory Reports, Medication Prescription/Dispense/Lists

  • Specification / Implementation of HL7 CDA templates and terminologies for National Infrastructure Projects (Austria, Switzerland, Lithuania, Norway)

Founded 2004 in the Netherlands, the company now has it's headquarter near Cologne in Germany.

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